A group of children has banded together to support their local CFA.

After witnessing a grassfire at the back of their Sunbury home on new year’s day, Ollie, 10, Isla, 8, and Charlie 5, decided to support their firies by raising money for the Sunbury CFA.

Their mum Bianca Kerr said she was proud of her children for taking the lead during a “traumatic time“.

“Where we live, we back onto 600 acres of grassland – that caught fire,” she said.

“Our house was directly in line of that. During that day and the next few days, the fire brigades set up a place where they would come in and out from.

“A lot of people would come and look at the fire. We had hundreds of cars coming up and we are in a dead end street.

“In the course of the days, our kids decided to take a bucket down, asking to donate to the Sunbury CFA because they could see what they were doing.”

On the first day of the children’s fundraising efforts, they raised $300. The youngsters then set their eyes on a new goal before family members and fellow neighbours Annie, Amy and Tayla joined in on the efforts.

“They decided they would go down the next day and try and make $500,” Ms Kerr said.

“Then they wanted to try and hit $1000. They were so excited, they raised $1150.

“We are really proud of them. We live in a small community and it felt like they were learning what community spirit is about.”

The children presented the money to the Sunbury CFA last Monday.