We now have newly elected and sworn in state representatives and a bright, shiny new mayor, so all we need now is for those aforementioned people to do what they are being handsomely paid for.
Between holidaying and campaigning, not a lot of governing has been tended to of late, so in the immortal, ear piercing words of the great John Kennedy snr … do something!

We now have the state treasurer and the attorney general representing us locally. Congrats on the titles Tim and Jill, but frankly I could not care less. I am sure it means a nice little earner for you, but does it get anything done to address the issues in the seats of Altona and Werribee?

The swing against Mr Pallas was not enough for him to vacate his chair, but I hope it was enough to alert him to the fact the natives are restless. We don’t ask for much, we just want some decent representation in our own backyard. Pallas, Sarah Connolly and Hennessy all did some big talking while campaigning. Back that talk up now.

It is also incumbent on those who ran against them to make sure their voice continues to be heard. This once every four year parade of care and attention is not good enough. We demand 365 days a year for four years. That is what you have signed up for.

Mia Shaw won the mayoral robes last week and now captains the good ship Wyndham for the next year. Let’s hope her crew have found their land legs (and the council chamber) and can give their undivided attention to things concerning their ward, the ratepayers and businesses in their immediate vicinity. That is, after all, what they are there to do.

That is of course unless any have other ambitions for federal politics, the priesthood or the NBA, because that would surely take precedence over something as trivial as council business, which seems to be on the backburner for most. I hope Cr Shaw can put a rocket up the whole system from top to bottom.

This is a fresh start for everyone, me included. I have cleaned the slate for all. How long before the first tick or cross is required?