Guilt by association is often unfair, but sometimes it just has to be the call. Our current council should throw the keys on the table and walk away. At the very least, some leadership needs to be shown or this group will be remembered as the most flawed to represent us in history.

We have a councillor in court for various reasons, councillors on leave to allow them to run for political positions, councillors using their position and their media space to not so subtly campaign for political parties … the list goes on. The whole lot should quit and, as has happened in the past, administrators should be appointed.

This is not a two bob dog and pony show. This is a multi-million dollar business that is being run as if it is a community service club from the 1950s. Let’s banish the robes and orb and replace them with business skills, work ethos and vision for the future.

The business of council has outgrown those who generally take on the job, because those with the necessary skills are in demand elsewhere in the workforce. While this does not apply to every single councillor, it does cover the majority. The City of Wyndham is a big business and should be run accordingly.

We all love a good underdog story and sport continues to supply manna from heaven. The Point Cook Bulldogs Football and Netball Club was still celebrating its win in the inaugural WRFL netball competition a few weeks ago when its senior men’s team won the WRFL division 2 flag on Sunday.

The Bulldogs – in their first season in the WRFL, having transferred from the VAFA – defeated the unbeaten Yarraville Seddon Eagles. It’s a truly remarkable achievement.

If Hoppers Crossing was to win the WRFL division 1 flag this weekend against the might of Deer Park, that would eclipse anything seen in recent years. Deer Park is going for its sixth premiership in a row. Sport, though, has an amazing ability to produce the unexpected. We can only wait and see.