Gardiners Garage in Gisborne has gone through a few incarnations since its 1860s establishment as a blacksmith shop by the pioneering Gardiner family.

Following a stint as a coach-building outfit, the business turned its attention to the new “horseless carriages”.

Gardiners Garage has always moved with the times, more so today than ever, according to workshop manager Adam Downs.

“Today, we represent the future of motoring, servicing technologically integrated prestige vehicles,” Adam says.

“We’ve gone ahead with setting up multiple systems to ensure we’re a true future-forward garage with the best diagnostics available.”

When a local auto electrician business closed earlier this year, the team saw a gap that needed to be filled.

“We’ve hired Shannon as our new auto electrician,” Adam says.

“He’s experienced in all aspects of automotive electrical diagnostics, fault-finding and re-wiring.

“And he will either do the job in our workshop or go to a client’s home or business.”

Adam, who has loads of experience working with high-tech prestige cars such as BMW and VW says he was drawn to the position because of the business’ focus on trust, service and quality.

“When it comes to the service of technologically integrated vehicles, there are lots of people out there who will take advantage, but who aren’t truly tech-savvy,” he says. “There are certain things you can test, but a lot of mechanics simply don’t have adequate training.

“Anyone can use a tool and think they’re diagnosing a computer issue successfully – but it’s often far more complex than that.

“You need the relevant education to successfully diagnose and repair – and that’s what Gardiners offers. It’s what we specialise in.”

Along with major and minor repairs, Gardiner’s Garage offers 24/7 towing, roadside assistance, log-book servicing and all tyre services.


Gardiners Garage,
7 Hamilton Street, Gisborne.
Opens 8am-5.30pm Monday-Friday and 9am-noon Saturday.
Inquiries: 5428 2210 or