If you have ever considered using family day care for your child, as opposed to a conventional day care centre, consider VIP Family Day Care, a home-based childcare service where educators and parents alike are overjoyed with the service.

VIP Family Day Care is run by mother-and-daughter team Gail Sinopoli and Angela Buttigieg, who wanted to offer more families with children aged six weeks to 12 years the nurturing, small-group approach for which family day care is known and loved.

Mary Cotter, an Irish national who moved to Melbourne with her husband, is absolutely overjoyed with the service she has been offered for her son, Liam.

“As we don’t have family nearby, I really wanted a nurturing family feel for my little boy,” she says.

“I work in a day care facility myself three days a week, and although I do know it’s a personal choice, for me, family day care suited my needs best.”

As the service is run by a qualified early child educator, and only with a maximum of four children per household, Mary knew Liam would get the care and one-on-one attention she wanted for him.

“A lot of my friends already used family day care, so that’s how I got onto it,” she says. “I researched it a lot and interviewed a number of family day care operators but when I met Kerri [Liam’s family day care educator], I felt an instant connection and knew I’d found our perfect fit.

“Kerri’s own parents pop by, so it’s just lovely for my son to experience that grandparent-type interaction as a part of his day care experience.”

VIP Family Day Care is an approved child care service, which means parents can apply for government subsidies.

Group owner Angela Buttigieg says they are proud they exceeded the national quality standards (NQS) in their last accreditation.

“Children in our care are given quality educational programs, recreational programs, and positive experiences,” she says. “These help them achieve developmental and learning outcomes according to national quality frameworks.”


VIP Family Day Care, 29/31 Industrial Avenue, Hoppers Crossing. Inquiries: 9360 0689, vipfdc@vipfdc.com.au or visit www.vipfdc.com.au