Hume residents now have access to a free snake catcher service.

The council launched the trial service on November 2 and will run the program until April 2019.

The trial follows a petition by snake catcher Jarrod Bingham last year, calling for the council to follow in the footsteps of other councils and offer a free snake removal service.

Brimbank and Melton councils currently offer the free service.

Hume council sustainable infrastructure services director Peter Waite said seven residents have so far used the service.

“Following the conclusion of the pilot, council will evaluate the service, including cost and community uptake, to determine next steps,” he said.

Snakes common to the area include the eastern brown snake, red-bellied black snake, eastern tiger, little whip, lowland copperhead and the white-lipped snake.

Mr Waite said residents can reduce the likelihood of snakes being present in their backyards by keeping their grass low and tidy.

“Snakes occur within suburban and urban fringe environments and as a result, are often seen as intruding or conflicting with our lives,” he said.“It is important to remember that snakes are part of our native wildlife and we need to exercise caution and … minimise any conflict.”

Snake catching service: 9205 2200