Apartments and townhouse developments around Hume’s train stations will be encouraged as part of a new housing diversity strategy.

Hume council recently adopted a draft housing diversity strategy aimed at ensuring the municipality has a variety of housing.

The council believes there is a shortage of one and two-bedroom housing in the municipality, despite 39 per cent of Hume households comprising one or two people.

The draft strategy has identified land around Craigieburn, Roxburgh Park, Coolaroo and Broadmeadows train stations and Craigieburn Plaza as “high change” areas in which council will encourage development of one and two-bedrooms housing. The strategy states that apartment and townhouse developments will be preferred.

One and two-bedroom housing will also be encouraged in moderate change areas within walking distance of shops and public transport, as long as the developments are in keeping with neighbourhood character.

Residential areas along Craigieburn Road between the plaza and Craigieburn Central, and parts of the Broadmeadows activity centre have been designated as moderate change.

Mayor Carly Moore said the housing diversity strategy would provide solutions to Hume housing needs, now and into the future.

“There is a significant gap in housing stock available in Hume, which could be impacting housing affordability as couples, families and friends who want to live in our municipality and most importantly, close to their community, are faced with limited choice,” she said.

“Some residents may feel that they have no choice but to live in a larger home, even if they don’t need or want one.

“Consider a couple in their 70s who want to stay in their own neighbourhood and close to those people who are important to them, but can no longer manage and maintain a four-bedroom home with stairs or a large garden. They may prefer a one or two-bedroom home that would better suit their lifestyle.”

The strategy will be available for community feedback on the council’s website from September 2 to October 13.