After a close encounter with a hopping marsupial in the heart of Sunbury four years ago, Robert Irvine was inspired to investigate the town’s kangaroos.

The Sunbury resident spread the word that he was organising a kangaroo and wallaby count.

“I got thinking – what are all these kangaroos doing in Sunbury when there’s all these paddocks?,” he said.

During last year’s count, volunteers spotted a combined total of 411 kangaroo and wallabies in and around Sunbury.

He said it was common knowledge that kangaroos made appearances, with many residents spotting the furry animals close to home.

Mr Irvine is looking for people to take part in this year’s count.

“Anyone can help with the count by looking out your kitchen window, going for a walk with your family, driving around Sunbury or using a drone,” he said.

He said dawn and dusk were the best times to spot kangaroos and wallabies.

The count will be on Sunday, May 19.

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