A Hoppers Crossing food premises owner has been fined $25,000 after pleading guilty to 11 charges relating to the cleanliness of their premises and unsatisfactory food handling practices.

At a hearing at the Sunshine Magistrates Court last month, the proprietor pleaded guilty to charges relating to offences under the Food Act, including:

– Failing to handle food that was intended for sale in a safe manner.

– Failing to maintain a level of cleanliness where there was no accumulation of garbage, food waste, dirt, grease or other visible matter.

– Failing to take all practicable measures to eradicate and prevent pests from the premises

– Storing or packaging food in a manner that did not prevent its contamination and may have

affected its safety and suitability.

– Failing to ensure the food contact surfaces of equipment were in a clean and sanitary condition.

– Failing to ensure persons undertaking the handling of food had adequate food safety training.

– Failing to ensure the food premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment were in a good state of repair and working order.

Wyndham’s safer communities portfolio holder, Cr Kim McAliney, said the council was “adamant” that all food outlets should meet health requirements to ensure the safety of the community.

“In Wyndham we have a wide range of amazing restaurants whose proprietors and staff ensure the hygiene standard remains to council’s high standards and I commend them for their efforts, but we sometimes find food outlets who fail to meet these requirements and they can face the appropriate penalties, such as this case,” Cr McAliney said.

“Wyndham City checks all 2300 food premises regularly and if the inspectors are not happy with any aspect of the environment, they work with proprietors to achieve a positive resolution without the need for further action.

“Prosecution is undertaken in specific circumstances, such as when the risk is deemed as severe; when a history of non-compliance and repeat non-compliance exists or when food premises operators demonstrate an unwillingness to co-operate and comply with relevant legislation.”

The council declined to release the name of the Hoppers Crossing food premises’ owner or the business name.

According to one report, the business is no longer operating.