Pam Hope is living up to her name, in her volunteer role with the Werribee Mercy Hospital Foundation.

Mrs Hope and the foundation’s other volunteers are bringing hope to both staff and patients.

One of her main tasks as a volunteer is sewing children’s clothing, aprons and bags which are sold at community stalls, to raise funds for the hospital.

Mrs Hope also helped with the sale of donated books in March, has rattled a donation tin at a Werribee Football Club game and assisted at Bunnings sausage sizzles.

“It’s always a good feeling that someone of my age, 78, can do something worthwhile,” Mrs Hope said.

“The biggest thing I find, is that I can’t believe how generous people are.”

Mrs Hope said she also enjoyed attending morning teas, which are held for the volunteers.

“There are lots of different nationalities that volunteer, so you meet lots of people,” she said.

“The other good thing, I think these days with computers and phones, people have lost the art of conversation, so you can talk to people as well.

“Also, you find out what’s going on in the community.”

Mrs Hope encouraged other Wyndham residents to volunteer for the Werribee Hospital Foundation. “The more volunteers we get, the better,” she said.

The foundation’s community engagement and fundraising manager Lisa Field said the foundation was in need of more people to lend a hand with stalls, barbecues, raffles, coin collections, bake sales and other fundraising opportunities. Contact: 0433 559 530 or