A 29-year-old man died and more than 100 motorists lost their licences in a horror Easter weekend on Brimbank’s roads.

Brimbank topped the state for the number of offences (1025) committed during Victoria Police’s Operation Nexus.

A St Albans man died in hospital following an incident in Deer Park on Good Friday.

Police stopped the man’s vehicle on Ballarat Road about 7.15pm as part of a routine intercept.

While police were conducting a licence check, the man fled his vehicle and ran across Ballarat Road where he was struck by a car.

He was taken to hospital and died the following day.

Brimbank highway patrol Sergeant Andy Oakley said it was a distressing scene.

“It was distressing for the friends he had in the car, the police at the scene and for the police who had to investigate,” Sergeant Oakley said.

“He for some reason decided to run, he was driving without a licence so it was possibly to avoid punishment, but suffered the ultimate punishment.”

The incident is being investigated by Homicide Squad and Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives.

Sergeant Oakley said the high number of speeding offences (339) was also cause for much concern.

“It’s a shame drivers keep taking significant risks. We’re seeing things like drivers doing 150km/h in 70 zones,” he said.

“Three hundred and thirty nine people speeding in a five-day period is a significant number.”

Sergeant Oakley said more than 40 people also lost their license for drink driving.

Ten cars were also impounded across Brimbank, while 47 mobile phone offences were recorded.

“It’s amazing how far you can actually see some people travel while constantly looking down,” Sergeant Oakley said.

“All it takes is someone to step out in front of you while you’re looking down.”