Hobsons Bay households are set to have four bins for kerbside collection, including a glass bin collected monthly and a food and green organics bin picked up weekly.

A council report also reveals plans to change garbage collection from weekly to fortnightly.

Kerbside recycling in Hobsons Bay was suspended for two months after the council’s contracted recycler, SKM Recycling was declared insolvent by the Supreme Court on August 2.

It resumed on September 30 and commingled recyclables are currently being taken to SKM’s former Laverton North plant under an interim agreement with receivers KordaMentha.

The council’s chief executive Aaron van Egmond is expected to negotiate new contracts with multiple local recycling providers to avoid reliance on one business.

The council’s recycling costs have risen from $7 million to $8 million per year, and the introduction of glass and food organics and green organics (FOGO) bins is expected to cost $4 million as an initial one-off cost.

Hobson Bay mayor Jonathon Marsden said that removing glass from the commingled recycling bin was central to reducing contamination.

“We need to take the glass out of the recycling stream to prevent it from contaminating the other recyclable material such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel and plastics,” he said.

“This will mean high values for our recyclables and immediate use for the glass collected to be made into bottles.”

The report states FOGO currently going to landfill can also be processed and reused.

“The municipal-wide changes to the waste and recycling services include the delivery of a weekly FOGO service, a monthly glass recycling service, a fortnightly recycling service (paper, plastic, and metal), and a fortnightly garbage (landfill) collection service.

“All residents will receive a new glass bin, and those residents who do not already have a green waste bin will receive a green bin.

“An extensive engagement program is planned to support the rollout.”

The report states council is analysing whether multi-unit or high density developments using its service can accommodate the extra bins.

The council plans “to move as quickly as possible” to introduce the new bins.

Hobson Bay mayor Jonathon Marsden said that removing glass from the commingled recycling bin was central to reducing contamination.They could be introduced as early as November-December, or early next year, depending on contractual terms negotiated.