A time capsule buried by the descendents of one of Melton’s pioneering families will be opened in celebration of 25 years of local history.

The Pinkerton Forest time capsule was placed at the site of the Pinkerton family memorial cairn on November 8, 1992 to mark the culmination of the Surbiton Park and Pinkerton Forest projects.

Melton council acquired Surbiton Park, a 400 hectare property adjacent to the Melton Wastewater Purification Plant, for recycling wastewater and sewage.

The rejuvenation of that land was known as the Surbiton Park project and the relocation of the graves in the cairn was the Pinkerton Forests project.

Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group president Richard Rowe said a community celebration for the opening of the capsule is planned for November and will include descendants of the Pinkerton family.

He said the capsule contains photos and documents provided by community members involved in the projects in 1992.

“The family would meet there regularly and picnic at the site of the ruins of the Pinkerton house on the banks of the Werribee River nearby,” Mr Rowe said.

“It is a unique area where one can travel through history and see old growth forest, indigenous flora and fauna, evidence of Aboriginal settlement alongside remains of the first European settlers, signs of subsequent development, farming, urbanisation and industry.

“It will be an opportunity for many of those involved … to meet together and to celebrate their endeavours towards the conservation of such a … significant area.”

The council is collating a list of documents that capture the essence of the municipality in 2017 for a new time capsule which will be placed in the cairn to be opened in 2042.