Five boys from the same family last week began the school year at Altona College.

Leah and Anthony Muliett on Wednesday walked their five sons to school – Charlie, who turns 13 today, is in year 7; Lincoln, 11, grade 6; Levi, nine, grade 4; and five-year-old twins Mattaus and William are in prep.

Ms Muliett said that when their 12-month daughter, Allegra, was old enough to start prep, their oldest boy would be in year 12.

“It was hectic getting everything organised and making sure everyone’s got all their uniforms,” Ms Muliett said.

“We usually get up at a quarter past five.

“Gotta make sure Allegra is fed and then start getting all the lunches ready and making sure they’re all clean and dressed and showered.

“We get all their lunches ready and send my husband off to work.

“But the good thing is, it’s one drop-off – they’re all at the same school.

“The majority of the teachers have known them since they were babies.”

The former Altona P-9 College this year introduced year 10 and will enrol year 11 students from 2020 and year 12 students by 2021.