A new lobby group has put Macedon Ranges councillors on notice ahead of October’s local government elections.

Ranges Citizens for Open Government cites public anger over planning decisions as sparking an unprecedented appetite in the community for change.

Formed late last year, the group wants to give prospective candidates the support they need to run effective campaigns.

Group member and prospective south ward candidate Jamie Byron said there was a never-before-seen level of angst fuelled by the council’s recent record, especially in relation to planning.

‘‘There’s been a real lack of consistency,’’ he said.

‘There’s been a range of decisions that have been pretty outrageous over the past four years.

“The fact it took the formation of a community group to stop development at Hanging Rock is a disgrace in itself. The proposed development in Macedon behind the pub again had to be shut down by the community.

“Coles Express in Woodend is another example.’’

Mr Byron said people were also alarmed by the council’s processes for community consultation, which he said often amounted to the council ‘‘hand-picking’’ certain community groups for talks.

‘‘They seem to only be prepared to do the bare minimum,’’ he said.

‘‘People are now coming together and saying we can do better for our community. Instead of standing on the sidelines, they are prepared to stand up.’’