Two local soccer clubs are likely to switch grounds in order to keep up with the growth of the sport in the area.
The Westside Strikers, who are based at Brookside Reserve, and the Springhills Soccer Club (Taylors Hill Reserve) will switch homes under a proposal endorsed by Melton council last week to try and meet the future needs of both clubs.
Both clubs are supportive of the proposal,  however the Sydenham Hillside Cricket Club, which uses Taylors Hill Recreation Reserve for some of its games, has objected to the switch because it could lose a turf wicket in the future as soccer continues to grow.
The council is presently developing a soccer strategy, which officers have flagged could lead to three soccer pitches being created at Taylors Hill Reserve, possibly removing a turf cricket oval.
If this happens, the cricket club would have to play games at three different venues.
The switch plan comes after the Strikers, who have more than 450 participants, applied for more changerooms to be added to planned upgrades of the Brookside Reserve pavilion in order to meet future demand at the club.
Melton council community services general manager Maurie Heaney told last week’s council meeting the switch was the best outcome.
“I think it’s a win-win overall,” Mr Heaney said.
“It does come with some frustration from the cricket club, so there is not 100 per cent agreement, but we’re putting forward what we think is the best option at the minute.
“From an officers’ point of view, this proposal would increase participation for football activity, mainly at Brookside … and relieve pressure on the turf oval at Brookside, and it provides more opportunities for soccer.”
The council endorsed the ground switch, but added a commitment to retain the two cricket pitches at Taylors Hill Reserve.