JR Parsons Reserve will finally receive a much-needed facility upgrade.

In February Star Weekly revealed that the club rooms used by the Grand United Cricket Club had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The rooms had holes in the roof, a single male toilet, no dedicated female change room and asbestos throughout the building.

A week after the story was published, the Brimbank council put out a call for public input into a rejuvenation plan.

A vision was put forward to demolish the club room and a neighbouring pavilion which houses the Albion Football Club.

However the football club said it was being short changed, as its pavilion was built with member’s money.

The club also has access to the pavilion for 12 months of the year, under Brimbank’s plan, that would have been reduced to six.

At November’s council meeting, a compromise was reached.

The Albion Football Club will be allowed to stay in its existing rooms on the provision that it is responsible for their upkeep.

When the rooms are no longer usable, the club will move into the new pavilion, which will be shared with the Grand United Cricket Club.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the club said it was happy with the decision.

“We are happy to advise that following councils meeting tonight, the Albion Football Club will continue to have full use of our rooms as they stand.

“We will continue to work closely with council around discussions regarding the maintenance and up keep of our rooms.”

The Grand United Cricket Club was equally happy.

Club secretary Jack Hale said new facilities will mean the world to the club.

“We’re really happy with the outcome, having these upgraded rooms will have great benefit over the coming years with our members.

“The general environment and safety of the place will also be vastly improved.”