Students from Werribee Secondary College have built a Ga Ga pit for pupils at Werribee Primary School to enjoy.

Around 15 Year 10 students installed the pit at the primary school last Wednesday.

The Year 10 boys said they had never heard of Ga Ga, a ball game which is played inside an octagon-shaped enclosure, until they started building the pit.

The pit was installed at Werribee Primary under two programs which work with students at Werribee Secondary College, TRY Mentoring and Hands On Learning, which is run by Save the Children.

TRY Mentoring program co-ordinator April Dendle said Bunnings in Werribee supplied the students with around $500 worth of material free of charge, to build the pit.

Werribee Secondary College student PJ said that it took around eight weeks to construct the pit.

“After building it, if we see a massive smile on the faces of the younger pupils, it makes us feel happy,” he said.

His fellow student, Logan, said: “We were honoured to be able to make such a structure.”

Two other students, Sam and Ian, said they had been involved with Hands On Learning – under which students get out of the classroom for practical education one day a week – for three years.

“Being in Hands On learning has helped with my teamwork skills and helped me open up to other people,” Sam said.

“When I first started, I was really quiet, shy and didn’t really talk to anyone, and as the years went on I became more confident and started talking to people more,” Ian said.