Geoff Rayner will take his walking to a whole new level.

The 57-year-old Sunbury resident started walking around the town in 2017 after going through gastric sleeve surgery.

Recently he decided to take his walking one step further and will be walking from the Royal Children’s Hospital to Kruze 4 Kids at Langama Park in Sunbury on Good Friday.

“I was walking down Elizabeth Drive and I was just thinking, ‘I’m doing all this walking, can I do it to help anybody?’” he said.

“I happened to be walking past Langama Park, which I know Kruze 4 Kids is there, and I thought I’d ask them if they wanted me to do something.

“It’s sort of like a personal goal because I wouldn’t even walk down to the shops in the old days but now I walk everywhere.”

Mr Rayner has set up a GoFundMe page, with a goal of $1000 to raise for Kruze 4 Kids – an organisation which holds a car show and family day every Good Friday to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“Whatever money I can raise, I want it to go to Kruze 4 Kids … I just think they do a really good job,” he said.

Mr Rayner said he was looking forward to the challenge of walking 40 kilometres.

“I will be going up Mount Alexander Road, up to Keilor Road in Essendon, and then along Keilor Road, through Keilor Village and then up through Taylors Lakes and back up to Sunbury that way,” he said.

“There’s still that challenge there because I don’t know whether I can do the distance but deep down I’m very stubborn.

“The last hill’s up Elizabeth Drive, I’ve said to a few people, ‘If I have to crawl and drag myself up, I’ll get there’.”

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