The sale of a Wyndham house has raised $736,000 for a good cause.

Around 100 tradespeople and suppliers donated labour and materials – in partnership with Fairhaven Homes and land developer Satterley – to help build the four-bedroom home, in Upper Point Cook, which was auctioned on the weekend.

Money raised from the sale of the house will be given to Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision, a charity chaired by former St Kilda Football Club champion, Nick Riewoldt.

Mr Riewoldt’s sister sister Maddie died at the age of 26, after a long battle with aplastic anaemia, a rare disease that prevents the body’s bone marrow from producing enough blood cells.

Mr Riewoldt said that the funds raised by the sale of the house would “go such a long way”.

“This will help us establish something we think has never been done before in the world: a National Bone Marrow biobank that can collect all tissues, blood and genetic material to store and analyse in the one place,” he said.

Mr Riewoldt said he wanted to thank everyone who had contributed to the charity home auction.

Jaeger O’Meara, Mason Cox, Nick Riewoldt and Harrison Craig. Photo by Chris Groenhout.

“Well done to the entire team at Fairhaven Homes, their suppliers and every tradesperson that worked to deliver an incredible house,” Nick said.

Fairhaven Homes general manager of sales and marketing, Jake Munday, who is also a friend of the Riewoldt family, said the event couldn’t have happened without the support of dozens of key contributors.

“So many people have gone above and beyond to make this project possible, and many of them haven’t been paid a cent for their time, their expertise or their involvement,” he said.

“It’s pretty overwhelming how many people have come and helped build a home for Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision.”

On the day of the auction, Hawthorn’s Jaeger O’Meara and Collingwood’s Mason Cox hosted a footy clinic and former The Voice winner Harrison Craig performed.

At the conclusion of the auction, the house was purchased by Point Cook residents Catherine and Mel Mijares.

“The cut to interest rates [earlier this week] changed the maths and allowed us to spend a little bit more, but it was right on our limit,” Ms Mijares said.

The couple, who have two young sons, said they had looked through the home several times before the day of the auction.

“Upper Point Cook is a diverse community and so good for kids.

“We’re so excited and very, very happy.

“It’s not just an investment; it’s benefiting a great cause.”