Members of the Wyndham Vale Cricket Club and Wyndhamvale Football Club are fundraising to help long-serving volunteer Paul Todd, who needs a mobility scooter.

Mr Todd recently suffered a stroke, which affected the left side of his body. While he can still talk and walk very short distances with the aid of a cane, Mr Todd requires a wheelchair to travel around.

However the wheelchair is only suited to indoor use, and Mr Todd requires a four-wheel mobility scooter to get out and about outdoors.

The catch is that hiring the scooter would cost Mr Todd’s family about $300 per month.

Wyndham Vale Cricket Club member Tony Torcasio has started an online fundraising campaign with the aim of raising $3000 to help out with the scooter hire costs.

So far, 10 people have donated $720 to the cause, including $500 from the Wyndhamvale Football Club.

Mr Torcasio described Mr Todd as “an all-around good guy, he is the first to put his hand up to help others”.

Mr Torcasio said that before Mr Todd’s stroke, he was a prolific volunteer, which included coaching junior cricketers.

Although he had to give up coaching the juniors after his stroke, Mr Todd still helps out at the club and enjoys visiting his mates.

Since his stroke Mr Todd is no longer able to drive. He said that although his wife was a great support, she was busy with work and looking after their four children.

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