A bus driver has been unable to return to work after being hit in the face by a bag of faeces in Wollert.

The driver had stopped in Harvest Home Road near Greenfields Drive about 9.40pm on November 13 to let a passenger off the bus, when a man approached the bus doors.

The man lobbed a bag of faeces at the driver before running off.

Transit Safety Division Acting Sergeant Todd Little said the bag hit the security meshing and splattered throughout the driver’s compartment, landing on his face, jacket and in his eyes.

“Obviously the faeces has gone all over the driver,” he said.

Sections of the bus interior were also impacted but no passengers were affected.

Acting Sergeant Little said the bag was believed to contain human faeces and a number of small rocks.

“It’s a particularly heinous event and it has left the driver, who was just going about his day-to-day work, shaken,” he said.

“It is an absolutely disgusting act and we are doing our best to identify this male and hold him to account.”

Police believe the incident was premeditated.

“It appears the driver doesn’t know who the male was and has no indication of people being unhappy with services,” Acting Sergeant Little said.

“Understandably the driver was very stressed about the situation and he had to have a couple of weeks off work and is receiving ongoing medical and psychological help after the incident.”

The offender is described as a Caucasian man, aged 30-40-years-old, of medium height and build, with a fair complexion and beard.

He was wearing a beige beanie, a yellow and black high-vis jumper with its hood up, and dark pants with a white stripe down each leg at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.