With tax time here again, the Tax Concepts crew are here to help – they’re guns at making tax time as painless as possible.But tax isn’t all that Tax Concepts specialise in.

Director Rob Maslak says Tax Concepts has significant expertise in the property investment advisory field.

“Our existing clients understand that we have a niche in that area,” he says. “They tend to use us at tax time and also to manage the tax implications and complications that can come with property investment.

“With property investments the new big thing is wealth creation, a lot of people just rush out and buy a second or third property without doing a lot of research first. Research is imperative.

“The biggest thing is to find someone you are comfortable with and get the information you need to make smart investment choices.

“That is what we try to get across to our clients. A lot of people go in gung-ho and don’t do the research first.”

Rob says there are tax changes to consider with regards to property investments.

“On July 1 there were significant changes with regards to property investment as to what can be claimed,” he says.

“The two areas of focus have been travel deductions for property investors and also depreciation claims.”

Now in the outfit’s “second tax season” at new premises at Bakery Square in Melton, Rob wants to remind everyone Tax Concepts are at the new location as tax returns start to come in.

“Last year, we still had a few clients driving to the old premises – I don’t know why, this one is so much nicer,” he says.

The business is known for its focus on salaried tax returns, small business tax and property portfolio-style wealth creation.

“There are a lot of small businesses in the area with many professional families wanting to build a little extra wealth for retirement,” Rob says.

“We are an innovative accounting firm dedicated to giving our clients personalised attention. Our professional accounting and business advisory services are second to none. We are passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals in life.”


Tax Concepts, 34 Bakery Square Melton. Opens 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday, evenings and weekends by appointment. Inquiries: 9747 0255 or visit www.taxconcepts.com.au