The Miss World beauty pageant is seen as one of the most prestigious crowns for beauty queens across the globe, but for Kings Park’s Demi Djemal it’s all about personal growth.

After battles with anxiety and low self esteem, Ms Djemal says she’s come through the other side and entering the pageant was a giant leap forward.

“When I was younger I felt very insecure about myself, I had low self esteem and this developed into anxiety and mild depression.
It was a real struggle, but I always pushed myself to keep going.

“This started to turn around early last year. My boyfriend helped me a lot, he helped me see my worth.

“So I took up a place in a modelling school, The Australian Academy of Modelling and things went from there.”

Ms Djemal completed the 11-week course, which involved runway walks, photoshoots and much more. By the end of it she says her self confidence had turned around and she jumped at the chance to compete in the Miss World Pageant.

She progressed through the preliminary final earlier this month and into the state final, which will be held next April.

“Lots of preparation went into it – we had to find our dresses and everything, it was a real inner learning experience,” Ms Djemal said.

“You really had to identify who you were as a person, your values and go on stage and rock who you are.

“But for me the main thing was to go and have fun. As long as I do my best, whatever happens is meant to be,” she said.


Tate Papworth