A Deer Park woodworker is crafting a new branch of the Christmas tree tradition.

Charlie Abela made a wooden Christmas tree for his daughter, Sharlene, a few years back.

“I kept fiddling around with the tree for Sharlene and really enjoyed putting it together,” Mr Abela said.

“So since then I’ve been making them and selling them to people.”

The trees are a labour of love and Mr Abela said a lot of work goes into making each one.

“I first have to buy the wooden pallets, dismantle them and then bring them back home,” he said.

“When I’ve got them home, I sand them back, take measurements, cut them to size, add patterns, sand them back a second time and paint them. It’s a lot of work but I love it.”

Mr Abela makes trees of many shapes, sizes and colours.

“Some of them have shelves on them, others lights and I’ve even done a few in football team colours,” he said.

“The football team colours were the most popular last year.”

Mr Abela said the trees offered a different take on traditional pine Christmas trees.

“If you have limited space, these slide straight under the bed or you can hang them up,”
he said.

Aside from the financial aspects of selling the trees, Mr Abela says he enjoys spending time on his hobby in the garage – even if it is at the expense of his car.

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