Twelve months ago, Steve Hickling answered Epping CFA’s call for more volunteers.

The Bundoora resident was thinking about volunteering with a group that would allow him to help others when he heard the CFA was looking for recruits.

Mr Hickling said he was initially a bit apprehensive about joining the brigade, but quickly discovered the other volunteers were welcoming and helpful.

After completing training, Mr Hickling’s first call-out was to a gas leak at a house.

“I remember the adrenaline and thinking ‘I’m officially on a truck now, I’m not just a volunteer’,” he said.

“It is not something I’ve done before but you just have to trust your training.”

Epping CFA volunteer

Epping CFA is looking to recruit more volunteers like Steve Hickling. (Damjan Janevski)

Mr Hickling has now attended about 60 call-outs.

He said volunteering with Epping CFA was a great experience, with his time at the station rostered around his full-time job and family responsibilities.

On Thursday, the brigade will launch its recruitment drive for 2019. This year, it is targeting volunteers with weekday day-time availability.