Slow down and pay attention on the road –that’s the message from Epping CFA.

The volunteer brigade is one of the CFA’s road rescue crews, meaning it has an appliance dedicated to attending road accidents.

The brigade is responsible for attending  road rescues from Epping and South Morang, up to Whittlesea, Wallan, Wandong and Kilmore.


Epping CFA road safety campaign

Epping CFA has launched a road safety campaign, (Damjan Janevski)

Epping CFA communications officer Liam Gallagher estimates the brigade is called  to 80 incidents each year – 25 per cent of  which involve extracting a seriously injured person.

He said some calls involved fatalities.

To mark National Road Safety Week, which runs until May 10, the brigade has created a video urging motorists to help reduce the road toll.

The video is available on the brigade’s Facebook page.



“We are 25 minutes from the city but travel an extra 25 minutes and you are looking at roads that are rural with low visibility especially at night,” Mr Gallagher said.

“We just want people to use a bit of common sense.

“Drive to the traffic conditions, don’t drink and drive and avoid distractions like mobile phones.

“Please follow these simple things to make sure everyone gets home safe.”