Werribee singer ALLIPHA – aka Elle Murphy – says the inspiration for her new single, Minds On Fire, came to her while she was driving.

She said she was in her car listening to an Anderson Paak record, when its ‘groovy vibe’ caused her to think of the first part of Minds On Fire.

“I had to turn the radio off, because the tune of Minds On Fire came into my head and I wanted to record it straight away,” she said.

She pulled over and recorded some of the song on her mobile. Werribee music producer James Freeman was also involved in writing the song.

Murphy released Minds On Fire last month, along with a live video of her singing it with her band and an animated lyric video.

Ms Murphy in Werribee. Photo: Damjan Janevski

She said she was delighted when the song reached number five on Triple J’s weekly Unearthed chart.

Murphy said she used ALLIPHA, which derives from a high school nickname, as an artistic moniker for original music projects, such as her latest track.

Aside from performing and writing music, she also teaches singing at the Coach Music Academy in Werribee.

“I think it’s an equal love of mine, with writing my own music,” she said.