The Brimbank police service area recorded the third highest number of road and traffic offences in the state during the Easter long weekend.

In total, 406 offences were recorded, which included 13 drink/drug drivers.

Brimbank Highway Patrol Sergeant Bill Joannidis said TAC funding helped increase the number of detected offences.

“The reason Brimbank Highway Patrol enforcement was so high, despite being one of the smallest units, is that we received funding from the TAC for Operation Summer [drink driving operation],” he said.

“This was for members to work overtime on their days off/leave to target drink/drug drivers and gave us a number of additional units.”

Sergeant Joannidis said drivers using the emergency lane on the Western Ring Road just before the Furlong Road exit also continued to be a problem, although improvement is being made.

“There were 115 motorists booked for travelling in the emergency lane between 3.30pm and 6pm on Easter Thursday,” he said.

“Although this is still alarming in such a small period of time, it was definitely down from previous operations where we booked in excess of 160 motorists in the same time.”

On a positive note, there were no fatal or serious injury collisions recorded in Brimbank during the long weekend.