Wyndham council has warned motorists they could be fined if they drop train travellers off in Station Place, Werribee.

The council has created new drop-off zones for the Werribee station on Comben Drive, as part of its recently-adopted Werribee City Centre Parking Strategy.

The council’s director of city economy and innovation, Peter McKinnon said the spaces had been created to safely and conveniently cater for drop-offs.

He said commuter drop-offs in Station Place had caused safety and congestion issues and resulted in some drivers being fined.

“It has always been prohibited to drop off commuters at Station Place,” Mr McKinnon said.

He said the new drop-off and pick-up zones in Comben Drive were designed “to better provide for customer/visitor drop-off and pick-up needs”.

The council has erected two signs and a temporary electronic messaging board at Station Place, reminding residents of the designated drop-off zone in Comben Drive.

Mr McKinnon said a council officer had also handed out information to drivers dropping off commuters at Station Place last week “to advise them of the new and improved arrangements”.

The brochures read: “No drop off in Station Place” and “Don’t risk a fine – use the new drop off zone in Comben Drive – enter via Bridge Street”.

The council adopted the Werribee City Centre Parking Strategy in June.

The parking strategy will be reviewed every five years, with the next review due in June 2024.

Mr McKinnon said businesses in the Station Place area had been kept up to date with the actions being implemented under the parking strategy.