Ten years after it launched, the Djerriwarrh Community Services L2P program is proving more popular than ever.

The program matches volunteers with learner drivers to help young people build up the 120 hours of driving they need to get their licence.

The program recently celebrated its 10th birthday, and program co-ordinator Kim Leech said it had been an important addition to the community.

“We’ve achieved 150 licences across those 10 years in Melton and Moorabool,” Ms Leech said.

“We have our own cars, and we give the volunteer mentors training, and they love it.

“The community has a really strong spirit, and it’s great to see that shine through.”

Across the 10 years, the 35 volunteer mentors have contributed more than 19,400 hours of driving lessons for local learners.

With a waiting list to join the program, Ms Leech encouraged anyone thinking of becoming a mentor driver to get involved.

“There’s a huge need for volunteers,” she said.

“The people we have are fantastic. They are there for that young person to give them support, and there seems to be a lot of people that are in need that don’t have a parent at home with a licence, or don’t have a car to get those hours up.

For more information visit www.djerriwarrh.org.au