Wyndham council is reminding residents to stop putting their recycling in bags this National Recycling Week (November 11-17).

One of the biggest reasons recyclables are sent to landfill in Wyndham is because residents put goods into a plastic bag, before putting them into a recycling bin.

Wyndham’s environment and sustainability portfolio holder, Cr Heather Marcus, said that when the council inspected 12,003 household bins, 70 per cent contained soft plastics or bagged recyclables.

“If recyclables are placed into a plastic bag, the staff at sorting facilities are not able to open the bags due to health and safety risks,” she said.

“Council advises residents to place recyclables loosely into the recycling bin – maybe throw them into a cardboard box under the sink and when it’s full, tip the recyclables into your recycling bin or buy a separate recycling bin for your kitchen.

“The best place to recycle your soft plastics such as food wrappers, plastic bags, bread bags, and chip packets is at the designated soft package recycling bins at major supermarkets.”
For more information or a copy of the waste guide visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/recycleright