After a spate of dog attacks, owners are being warned to be vigilant and keep their animals on a leash if they are not socialised.

Deanna Garrasi says her shar pei, Kingston, is recovering after being bitten multiple times at the Altona dog beach about 4.30pm on February 15.

She says the owner of the other dog, possibly a German shorthaired pointer or bullmastiff, took off after the attack.

Ms Garrasi said the owner was Caucasian, in his 20s, spoke with an accent, and was wearing blue boardshorts.

“The owner must take responsibility for what happened and ensure he keeps his dog on a leash and in a muzzle at all times around people and dogs so this doesn’t happen again,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate the owner was not respectful enough to do the right thing and at least look after the vet and surgical billing.”

Vicky Buckingham’s westie Maltese, Bella, was last month attacked in Pier Street, Altona, by a dog on a leash.

Bella, the westie/Maltese terrier. Photo: Supplied

Westie Maltese, Bella. Photo: Supplied

Although the owners exchanged details, Ms Buckingham said the incident served as a warning for dog owners to be vigilant.

“Don’t be complacent when you have control of your dog around streets and cafes,” she said.

“A dog can move quickly and aggressively so you need to be aware of your environment at all times.”

Last year, there were 77 reported dog attacks in Hobsons Bay; 25 of them were classified as ‘rushes’.

Mayor Sandra Wilson said while most attacks were minor, animal attacks were traumatic and pet owners were ultimately responsible for the actions of their animals.

“All dogs, regardless of their breed, must be properly socialised to ensure our community’s safety.

“Importantly, they must be kept on a lead unless in an off-lead area,”Cr Wilson said.

“Common sense should apply even in off-lead areas. If your dog is not trained or socialised, then it’s advised to keep them on a lead.”

Anyone with information on dog attacks is urged to contact the council’s animal services unit on 9932 1000, or 9947 4685 if after hours.