A Wyndham Vale family is heralding its dogs as “heroes” after they surprised a man who was running from police.

Ricardo Galvez told Star Weekly his family was awakened in the early hours of March 28 to the barking of their three German shepherds, Rexus, Bella and Szarik.

Rexus, Szarik and Bella

“They were barking so loudly inside the house because they were sensing something was happening outside,” Mr Galvez said.

“They were scratching at the glass sliding door to go out so I got up and let them outside.”

Mr Glavez said he saw flashlights shining into his backyard and a person climbing the fence.

“The man got a big surprise when he jumped over the fence into our backyard because the dogs surrounded him and were barking,”
Mr Glavez said.

“He tried to enter our house through the back door to the garage, but it was locked … the police managed to stop him and were screaming, ‘Stop, get on the ground’.”

He said his family was left scared and shaken by the incident, but police assured them that the man had been arrested.

“If it wasn’t for the dogs, who knows what would have happened?,” Mr Galvez said.

He said his pooches never intended to harm the man.

“They are show-offs,” he said. “Our older dog (Szarik) was trying to chase them … he thought they were playing.”

Werribee Senior Constable Graeme Rayner confirmed a man had been arrested after trying to evade police.