Deer Park’s Adamovic family hopes the act of sharing books will help bring the community closer together.

The family has started a mini library outside their Poole Street home, providing a space for people to pick up and drop off books.

Mirela Adamovic said the family moved to Deer Park from Preston last December and wanted to do something to help them feel part of their new neighbourhood.

“We saw a lot of mini libraries in Preston … there was a lot of sharing of produce from the garden and sharing of books,” she said.

“I like to read books a lot and I am in the public library all the time, so I wanted to do something to share what I have and create a sense of community.”

Ms Adamovic’s husband, Mike, built the library as part of his rehabilitation from a workplace accident which resulted in his right leg being amputated.

The Adamovic’s placed the library in their front garden about one month ago.

Ms Adamovic has noticed an increasing number of people stopping to collect books.

“Our house is near a school so we see a lot of families stopping. My son put books inside [the library] for kids. People have also dropped off books as well,” she said.

“I hope some more mini libraries will pop up in the neighbourhood. That would be something which would make me happy.”