The sun was shining last Friday, and Sunshine Primary School was dressed for the occasion as part of its Daffodil Day fundraising efforts.

The school was awash in yellow as pupils raised money and awareness for the Cancer Council, part of a nationwide fundraising effort.

Teacher Darryl Leech, who co-ordinated the day, said it was fantastic to see the students embrace the event so enthusiastically.

“The sun is out and the whole school looks great so it’s been a successful day,” Mr Leech said.

“We were talking to the kids about it and they were passionate about doing something and helping the families and the Cancer Council, so they suggested the dress-up day.

“They have also been selling Daffodil Day merchandise over the past few weeks so that’s helped raise a bit of money.”

He said the school was aiming to contribute up to $300 towards the fundraising campaign, with prizes also given to the students who put the most effort into their outfit.

Mr Leech said it was also a good opportunity to teach the students about helping others and the good that they can do.

“The teachers have brought it up in their classes, and talked to the kids about what days like this mean,” he said.

“The message of the day has been showing how everyone can get involved in a cause like this, and you can have some fun by doing some good in your community.”