Assault rates in Whittlesea and Hume are at their highest level on record while burglaries have fallen to an all-time low, new crime statistics reveal.

Latest Crime Statistics Agency data shows that in the year to December, 2018, 1635 assaults were recorded in Whittlesea – an increase of 15 per cent, or 216 offences, from December, 2017.

In Hume, assaults rose five per cent – from 1696 in December, 2017, to 1784 in the year to December, 2018. Crime statistic data has only been collected since 2009.

Mernda Police Senior Sergeant Daniel Jamison said the increase in assaults was driven by increased police attendance at family violence incidents and a stronger focus on victim support.

“This is an area we have a strong focus on as [assault] is a high impact crime,” Senior Sergeant Daniel Jamison said.

“We do not apologise for holding offenders to account for committing these crimes and we work very hard with the community to prevent and detect these offences.

“We want victims to feel confident their local police and support agencies will support them if they unfortunately become a victim of these crimes.”

Family violence incidents rose by five per cent in Whittlesea in the year to December, 2018. In Hume, incidents rose 17 per cent.

The crime statistics show that burglary rates have continued to fall across Whittlesea and Hume. In Whittlesea, there were 1019 burglaries recorded in the 12 months to December, down from 1358 to December, 2017.

In Hume, burglaries fell from 2097 to 2017 to 1441 to December, 2018.

Police say the burglary reduction has been driven by an increase in the number of uniformed officers on the street.

“We are arresting more offenders and successfully having them remanded in custody, which is having a positive effect in protecting the community,” Senior Sergeant Jamison said.