Craigieburn residents are helping to lead the charge to solar power in Victoria, according to new data.

Power company DC Power Co says its data reveals 5185 solar systems have been installed in Craigieburn since 2001 – ranking it in the top five suburbs for installations in Victoria.

DC Power Co chief executive Nic Frances Gilley said the high number of installations was a direct response to rising energy costs.

He said that on average, households with solar power saved $540 a year.

“People think it is the more affluent middle class that is driving solar installations – it is not,” he said. “It is people in newer suburbs who are making smart decisions to reduce bills.

“Those residents are investing in rooftop solar in record numbers to take matters into their own hands and reduce their electricity costs.

“I think the number of rooftop solar systems in the area … will only continue to rise.”

Mr Gilley said electricity prices had risen more than 60 per cent on top of inflation in the past decade and were expected to climb further.

“In places like the north-western suburbs, where rooftop solar is so prevalent, it’s critical that households get the support they need from their power company to maximise savings on their electricity bill,” he said.