Wyndham council will ban most single-use plastics at events and facilities it manages.
The council unanimously voted in the new policy last week, after Cr Heather Marcus raised the idea in August last year. As a result, items such as plastic bags, straws, containers and plates – along with balloons – will be mostly banned at events co-ordinated by the council, or any building that is occupied and managed by the council.
But stallholders (traders engaged to operate at council events) will still be able to offer bottled water and disposable coffee cups.
The council will also make plastic straws available at its venues, for people with a disability who need to use bendable straws to drink.
Sporting clubs, leaseholders and community-run events will not be included in the ban. While the new policy is being introduced, the council will implement a transition period of six months for its events and facilities.
A council report stated that banning most single-use plastics at council-managed events and facilities would “help to not only reduce the waste we generate, but also help reduce the amount of littered plastics across the city”. Cr Marcus said that single-use plastics were a “scourge” upon Wyndham’s environment.
She said local clean-up groups were constantly picking plastic litter out of Wyndham’s waterways.
Cr Marcus said it was important for council to show leadership on the issue, including reducing the amount of single-use plastics being used in Wyndham. “It is time for actions, not words,” she said.
“Whilst this policy may have a small impact in the scheme of the issue, it will demonstrate to our community that we too are leading the fight.” Cr Tony Hooper said he supported the council’s new policy. He described the amount of waste, including plastic, that was pulled out of Wyndham’s creeks as “phenomenal”.