Brimbank residents may be getting the sneaking suspicion that they’re being filmed.

Brimbank council has deployed road survey vehicles to film council-owned local roads in a bid to identify areas needing maintenance and improvement.

Brimbank mayor Lucinda Congreve said it was a vital task.

“Council owns more than 900 kilometres of local roads,” she said. “The information gained in this survey will be vital to planning maintenance works to keep our roads in good condition.”

She said survey results would assist council in prioritising projects for the next three years.

“More than 300 roads have been treated as a result of the previous road condition survey conducted in 2016.”

Road survey vehicles will travel across all of Brimbank’s suburbs until mid-February.

Cr Congreve asked the community to be mindful of the vehicles.

“When filming, these vehicles will have their hazard lights on,” she said.

“If you find yourself travelling behind a vehicle that’s filming, please try to keep a full car length back so we can get a clear shot of the road.

“And don’t worry, the cameras are focused on the road and kerb surface, so we won’t be recording people, cars or private property.”