Wyndham council has committed to developing a “signature” event for the municipality.

The council last week voted in favour of adopting a festival and events framework for the area.

A report into the issue included a recommendation that the council establish a signature event that characterises or is “uniquely associated” with Wyndham.

The report stated the council would work with the community to determine what the signature event would celebrate and the development of a business case would be an early step.

It stated that such an event would strengthen Wyndham culture, identity harmony, image, pride and reputation.

The report also recommended that the council conduct a feasibility study into an arts and cultural festival being held in Wyndham.

The focus of the festival could be film, writers, performances or a combination of those.

Cr Heather Marcus said there were many wonderful festivals held in Wyndham every year, but that some organisers did not know how to expand their events.

She said she would like to see a festival held in Wyndham “every weekend”.