Brimbank council will fork out almost $13,000 to join a coalition of councils impacted by airports.

The council will join the Australian Mayoral Aviation Council (AMAC), an organisation that meets annually to seek advice from experts and others in relation to airport operations and the impact on adjacent cities.

The meeting is held in Sydney and Hume is the only other Victorian member.

Melbourne Airport recently decided to review plans for a third runway, with a north-south alignment now being considered.

A north-south alignment would bring increased traffic over areas of Brimbank.


Watch: Brimbank mayor Lucinda Congreve discusses the proposed third runway. 



Cr Margaret Giudice said despite the high cost, the membership would be a useful resource.

“I had my concerns about this, but I’ve since done some homework on it and I think that considering the issues we are now having with Melbourne Airport, it would be an important forum for council to express concerns to the aviation council about the community concerns at the moment, but also it would be a great source of deriving information.”

Cr Bruce Lancashire disagreed and questioned the value the group would provide.

“I have some concerns over the very high costs over this. Nearly $13,000 then potentially another $3000,” he said.

“I just wonder about the value given we have a notice of motion and other avenues with the airport.

“We’ve already resolved that we will have an agreement with the airport in terms of consulting with them, we seem to be doing a lot in that area … And I think we’re already getting a lot of information out of that.

“I’m not too sure this is going to add a lot to that. It doesn’t sound like the sort of forum that you would present at, it sounds like a bit of a talk fest.”

A division was called, but the council passed the recommendation to join.

A notice of motion put forward by Cr Virginia Tachos also called for a noise monitoring unit to be reinstalled in Keilor Village and for information provided to the council regarding noise mitigation measures.


Watch: Mayor Lucinda Congreve discusses the council’s position on the third runway.