Wyndham council has rejected a proposal to buy land for a long-stay carpark in Williams Landing.

Responding this month to a petition signed by 194 residents, a report stated the council would face a “significant financial risk” if it bought land to build a carpark.

The petition, presented to the council in December last year, requested the council buy land in the Williams Landing town centre to develop into a long-stay carpark, introduce paid parking in the town centre and permit parking in surrounding residential streets.

The council report acknowledged the petition was the result of a lack of parking available at the Williams Landing station, concerns associated with parking at the Target headquarters and extensive development expected in the area.

But it stated the council would face a “significant financial risk”.

“Apart from the cost, its location may not suit the final form of the town centre and could create additional unknown traffic issues,” the report stated.

The report also labelled the request for permit parking as “premature”.

It stated the council would continue to advocate to the state government for improved car parking conditions, additional bus services and cycling facilities for commuters at the Williams Landing station.

Cr Mia Shaw said a lack of parking at train stations was an issue affecting not only Williams Landing, but other stations in Wyndham.

But she said ratepayers should not have to foot the bill to build more carparks.

“I would never support ratepayers’ money being used to actually fix a problem that is within the realm of the actual state government,” Cr Shaw said.