The reinvention of Horseshoe Bend Farm is one idea being put forward as part of a plan to establish an Aboriginal hub in Brimbank.

Cr Virginia Tachos tabled a motion on behalf of Cr Victoria Borg at last month’s council meeting, calling on the council to support the efforts of the indigenous community to establish a hub at Horseshoe Bend.

She said the motion was the result of a meeting of the Brimbank Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee during which it expressed support for the establishment of an Aboriginal hub at Horseshoe Bend.

“Unlike many other municipalities, there is no dedicated meeting place or exclusive community asset in Brimbank for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to meet, yarn, learn and develop,” Cr Tachos said

One option would be to return the farm to its former use. It could also include a social enterprise where visitors can learn about indigenous culture.

Cr John Hedditch said Horseshoe Bend was the ideal spot.

“The importance of access to country through an area like Horseshoe Bend with its connection to the Maribyrnong River and the capacity for the community to walk along that river … is significant,” Cr Hedditch said.

“I reflect on previous roles as a public health manager in the Gunditjmara area of Warrnambool where Aboriginal men with alcohol and drug problems were given access to country and the ability to walk through farming land.

“Nearly all of those men, once they had access to country, were able to turn their lives around.

“A place to provide access to country in Brimbank is so important and I look forward to making it a reality after talking with Parks Victoria and various others.”