Stacey Bronchinetti was itching for an adventure when she decided to hang up her chef’s hat.

The 28-year-old wanted a new challenge and a career that allowed her to meet people from all walks of life. So she joined Victoria Police.

“This isn’t just a boring job,” Constable Bronchinetti says. “Cheffing is every weekend and every night and can be very repetitive. I love cooking, but I was ready for a change … I’d been stuck in the same kitchen every day for five years, dealing with the same people.”

She started at the Glen Waverley police academy last year and has been working at Melton police station for the past nine months.

Every day has been different.

“[Last week] we had a car pursuit, which resulted in a foot chase and we caught the guy, which was good,” she said.

“I’d highly recommend this job to others – it’s exciting … and the camaraderie is really good.”

Victoria Police will host an information session at Catholic Regional College Melton on Wednesday, September 19.

Victoria Police is in the midst of a massive recruitment drive, with more than 3000 new police officers scheduled to be employed by 2021.

Registrations are essential and can be done via