A nautical compass was borrowed from Water Police to ensure Muslim officers at Williamstown police station would know which direction to face when they prayed.

The compass was used to mark an arrow on the wall of the station’s diversity and inclusion room, which is open to all faiths.

Williamstown police have long recognised the multiculturalism within its members, now that will be on show when the station doors are open to the public for the first time.

As part of Cultural Diversity Week (March 16-24), the community can take part in a guided tour of the station and a multicultural lunch.

Williamstown Acting Inspector Chris Allen said the tour aimed to build relations.

“A few of the officers who were born from overseas are going to talk about their journey to Australia – what led them to come to Australia and what led them to join police.”

Hobsons Bay councillor Tony Briffa said the council had developed a program to encourage residents to meet their neighbours and share their cultures, languages and faith.

“There are plenty of opportunities to experience live performances, games from across the globe and, of course, different types of food,” Cr Briffa said.

“The Hobsons Bay Interfaith Network is hosting a bus tour of different places of worship, taking guests through the Australian Islamic Centre mosque, Williamstown Uniting Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.”

Hobsons Bay’s residents hail from 144 countries, speak more than 100 languages and practise more than 90 faiths.

View the full program at www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/culturaldiversityweek

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