The power of play is being used to help connect families new to Braybrook with the services that are set up to help them settle in.

Play Connect links new arrivals and young families with the many valuable services offered at the Braybrook Community Hub.

Soraya Koomithim-Barr, who has been running Play Connect while on a work placement with cohealth, said the new program has been a great way to build connections with families that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

“We have a space where we have toys for the children and all this information for parents about early childhood, playgroups – or the men’s shed – anything available inside or outside the Hub,” she said.

“My role is talking with parents to identify their needs. It’s a free space, families are welcome just to walk in, or visit while they are at the Hub.”

Ms Barr said a number of new arrivals and new mothers living in the Braybrook area are experiencing social isolation, without realising the kinds of support they can access.

“Sometimes they go to the library and they find out about us that way,” she said.

“We can then help them with things like finding English study or computer study, or any other things that may help. It’s been a very successful way to help connect the dots.”

Play Connect is open 9am-noon Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Braybrook Community Hub, Churchill Avenue, Braybrook.