Brimbank residents will soon find it easier to compost their household waste, with the council set to adopt a policy aimed at reducing landfill.

The council last week ticked off the Brimbank Home Composting Program, under which 300 Brimbank households will be supported to start composting.

The program includes a suite of rebates, information and engagement options that will encourage households to take on home composting and help cut landfill levels.

Councillor Kim Thien Truong, who raised the issue at the November, 2018, council meeting, said the program was a step in the right direction.

“The management of organic food and garden waste is an important topic,”
Cr Truong said. “We know that reducing levels of waste from our kitchens and gardens can contribute to reducing overall waste going to landfill.

“Rather than putting this type of waste in the bin, a household organic processing system creates a useful product for the garden that helps to retain water and nutrients to build resilience to drought.

“A program like this would help encourage a love of gardening in the community, which is a healthy and popular activity, especially for senior residents.”

“It’s important that we support and educate the community to get involved in ways that help the environment.”