The Werribee Hockey Club is introducing two new forms of the game for summer.

Summer hockey co-ordinator Tim Pickersgill said J-Ball, a modified version of the game, uses plastic sticks and a soft ball.

“All you need to bring is yourself and a pair of runners – the rules are few so it’s easy to get a game started and play, you don’t need any hockey experience to play,” he said.

Mr Pickersgill said the other new form of the game is called Hockey Sixers.

“Hockey Sixers provides a game for existing players and players that have been out of the game for a while, to play again only needing six players per side, and this game is played with conventional equipment,” he said.

Both the J-Ball and Hockey Sixers programs have been developed by Hockey Victoria, in partnership with VicHealth, to attract people of all levels of fitness and skills to the sport as a social pastime.

The J-Ball program will be held at the Werribee Hockey Club until Wednesday, December 12, but Mr Pickersgill said the club was hoping it could continue next year.

“We are hoping to continue this game into the start of the new year and maybe a midweek game through winter,” he said.