Sunshine’s oldest surviving church is 100 this month.

The Sunshine Baptist, The Slovak Baptist and GraceWest Bible churches have used the church in that time and pastor Martin Rogers said the building has a colourful history.

“The building has been here since 1919. It’s the oldest surviving church in Sunshine. It wasn’t the first church, but it’s the oldest surviving,” he said. “It was brought here from the Broadmeadows army barracks in 1919 and it’s been here ever since.”

The building has been used as a church since it was brought to Sunshine, however earlier this decade it fell into a state of disrepair.

“It’s a heritage-listed building but it was pretty run down up until we did it up in 2014, it was falling apart a bit,” Mr Rogers said. “It was really dilapidated, so we took the asbestos cladding off the outside, fixed that area up and then made our way inside.”

It took about a year to complete, but Mr Martin said it was worth the effort.

“It’s fantastic to see it in this condition for everyone to enjoy.

“Two churches use it these days – The Slovak Baptist and GraceWest Bible Church – which is normally 80-90 people on a Sunday morning and a youth group of 30.”

The church is hosting a celebration and service on Sunday, October 20 from 2-5pm at 16 Sydney Street, Albion.